Pippin Rehearsal Schedule

Production Week March 19

Sunday, March 18
Tech 9:00 AM-until we are done (huge light show): Pippin, LP, Catherine, Theo, Fastrada, Charles, Lewis, Berthe

Monday, March 19
5:00-10:00, run at 7:00

Tuesday, March 20
5:00-10:00, run at 7:00

Wednesday, March 21
Teasers 1:30-2:30; final dress 3:00-6:00

Thursday, March 22
5:30 call; Show 7:30

Friday, March 23
5:30 call; Show 7:30

Saturday, March 24
call 12:00; Show 2:00

Saturday, March 24
call 6:00; Show 7:30

Sunday, March 25: 12:00-3:00 strike! (mandatory)

Schedule week of March 12

3:00-7:00 with orchestra: (dinner break 5:00-5:20); start with Act 2 and fix; Act I run with fixes

7:00-9:30 with orchestra: Run Act I no stops, fixes

3:00-6:00 with orchestra: Run Act 2 no stops, fixes, possibly run again and/or Act 1 fixes

3:00-5:00 TBD; final blocking and dance fix; vocal rest day

3:00-6:00 with orchestra: Run show without stops (add drummer)

Schedule week of March 5

6:00-6:30: Leading Player with Dass “Glory,” & Catherine and Pippin with Ms. Vallet for “Love Song” and “Finale” vocals
6:30-7:00: Pippin and LP: “Right Track”
7:00-8:00: Dance ensemble: “Simple Joys” and “No time at all”: continue cleanup
“8:00-8:30”: Dance ensemble: “Magic To Do fix”

7:00-7:20: Warm up, and practice distributing boxes for “War is a Science”, full cast
7:20-9:30: Run Act I with fixes, full cast

3:00-4:30: fixes: “Finale” of act 2, ending of “Spread a Little Sunshine”, and anything that comes up from Tuesday night, full cast
4:30-6:00: Run act 2 with fixes, full cast

3:00-6:00: Sitzprobe (Music rehearsal with orchestra) We will work big numbers to small; schedule TBA tomorrow
Dance clean up tbd based on Tuesday. We will try to keep it to leads if possible, we still at 3:00 with full cast

3:00-6:00: Run show w/out stopping and then start fix list, full cast

9:00-10:30: Finish fix list, full cast
10:30-1:00: Run show, full cast

Schedule week of February 26

6:45-7:00: LP:  Glory
7:00-7:30: LP and Pippin: On the Right Track and beginning of magic to do
7:30-8:30: LP, Berthe, Pippin, Fastrada, Lewis, Charles: blocking finalization for:  Simple joys, No time at all, Spread A Little Sunshine, War is a Science,
8:30-9:30: Dance Ensemble: Clean up and finalize Spread a Little Sunshine, Glory, War is a Science, Soft shoe dance.

3:00-3:30 Act II, Peasant/Noble scene, (peasants, nobles, with and without lines, LP, Pippin, Lewis, Guard, etc.  If you are on stage you need to come)
3:30-4:00 Royal Court of Charles the Great, Female Courtier, Baron, Charles, Pippin, LP, Petitioner, anyone who is in the court and on stage even if you don’t have a line.
4:00-4:30 Act I Fastrada, Charles, Lewis, Pippin, LP
4:30-5:30 Act II blocking LP, Theo, Pippin, Catherine

3:00-3:30 Vocal Ensemble review-full cast
3:30-4:00 Extraordinary (w/ LP) including workers
4:00-4:30 Love Song (w/ LP) including blanket holders
4:30-5:00 Kind of Woman (w/ LP) including three girls
5:00-5:30 I Guess I’ll Miss the Man w/ connecting scene

Dance ensemble clean up
3:00: Magic to do: first verse and dance break
3:30: War is a Science
3:45: Glory
4:00: Spread A Little Sunshine
4:15: Just no time at All
4:45:  Simple Joys
5:15:  With You:  Carmella, Logan, Chelsea

9:00-1:00 Run show with clean-full cast

Reminder that Monday, March 5 rehearsal will be 6:00-8:30.  This rehearsal will be a TBA rehearsal based on Saturday’s run/clean. Everyone is called!

Rehearsal Schedule for the Week of February 5

Headshots for cast are being taken on Saturday, February 10th during rehearsal.

Orchestra and Stage Crew program pic will be taken Friday, February 16th during rehearsal.

Cast bios due:  February 9.

Tuesday, February 6
7:00-7:45 Acting Ensemble work; Ms. Vallet teach love song to Tessa, Becca, Chelsea, Rachael (trio)
7:45-8:15 Love Song blocking w/ Tessa, Becca, Chelsae, Rachael
8:15-8:30 Miss the Man singing and blocking

Wednesday, February 7 (Dialogue memorized)
3:00-4:00 Act I blocking (*only those with lines—even if you only have one line; no music or dance)
4:00-5:00 Act II blocking (*only those with lines—even if you only have one line; no music or dance)

Thursday, February 8
3:00-4:00 – Vocal clean full cast
4:00-5:30 – Finale w/ blocking full cast

Friday, February 9
3:00-4:30 Continue dance cleanup, dance ensemble
4:30-5:45 CJ and Tristan On the Right Track

Saturday, February 10
Headshots (wear dark top, no logos or art on shirt)
9:00-11:00 Act I run and fix
11:00-1:00 Act II run and fix

*if your only lines happen during a song (Magic to do, etc.) you don’t have to come

Rehearsal Schedule for the Week of January 29

7:00-9:30 Run/Fix Act I w/ acting ensemble

3:00-5:00 Act II blocking w/ Catherine, Pippin, Theo, LP

3:00-4:15 Full Cast Vocals
4:15-5:45 Act II blocking cont. w/ Catherine, Pippin, Theo

3:00-4:30 Dance ensemble, Spread a Little Sunshine
4:30-5:30 Fastrada and Lewis

9:00-10:00 Song blocking Pippin, Catherine, Theo
9:00-10:00 Spread a Little Sunshine vocals/cuts/dialogue/ etc. Liam, Fastrada
10:00-11:00 Act II Scene work Pippin, Catherine, Theo
10:00-11:00 Dance clean; dance ensemble
11:00-12:00 Act II Finale full cast
12:00-1:00 Run Act II songs and transitions full cast

Overall General Schedule (for reference only)