Revised Rehersal Schedule

Tuesday 2/28 (No men, BOM Concert in Penfield)

7:00-8:00 Basket dancers

8:00-9:30 Strongest suit clean up with music and dance


Wednesday 3/1

3:45-5:00:  Blocking: Act 2 Scene 7- the royal wedding: Pharaoh, Zoser, Guards, Ladies of the palace,     Radames, – full cast

5:00-6:00:  Blocking Act 2 Scene 8:  The Docks – Mereb, Aida, Amonasro, Radames, Zoser, Guard


Thursday 3/2:

3-5:30:  Blocking and Music:  Run Act 2 Scenes 5-10 – full cast


Friday 3/3: 

No rehearsal


Saturday 3/4

10:00-1:00:  Rehearsal at 1101 Clover Street in Brighton (my church) All secondary buildings closed for Odyssey of the Mind tournament

All song blocking and scene work:  Radames, Aida, Zoser, Amneris, Mereb


Tuesday 3/7:

7-8:30:  Fight combat workshop/scene blocking with Johnnie Simmons.  Full Cast

8:30-9:30:  Blocking Act II, Scene 8 with Johnnie


Wednesday 3/8

3-5:30:   Blocking:  Clean up blocking trouble spots from Act II – only those with lines


Thursday 3/9:

3-3:45:  Song blocking Radames, Zoser, Amneris

3:45-5:30:  Blocking and Music:  Clean up blocking and music trouble spots from Act I – only those with lines and solos


Friday 3/10:

3:00-4:00 Dance of the Robe

4:00-5:30 Another Pyramid and Father Like Song clean up


Saturday 3/11 (Mrs. D’Angelo)

9-10:00: Review Act II, Fight choreography

10:00-1:00:  Run act I with fixes



Tuesday 3/14  (Mrs. D’angelo)

7-9:30:  Dance/Blocking/Singing: Run act II with fixes


Wednesday 3/15:

3:45-6:00:  Blocking fixes Act I TBD


Thursday 3/16 (Mrs. D’Angelo)

3-5:30:  Blocking/music fixes Act 2 TBD


Friday 3/17:

3-5:30:  Dance fixes – exact songs TBD


Saturday 3/18 (Mrs. D’Angelo)

9-1:00:  Blocking/Singing/Music: Run show with fixes – Act I and 2