Penfield Amphitheater is located at 3100 Atlantic Avenue in Veterans Memorial Park, behind Penfield Town Hall. Here’s what you need to know about the venue:

It’s hilly! All seating is on a grassy lawn with a pretty generous slope. Bathrooms are about a football field away, via sidewalk, though there will also be a port-a-potty closer to the stage.

Parking is available at the top of the hill behind the Town Hall (walk down the hill to the venue) and also closer to stage level but at a distance (nearer to the bathrooms).

It would be best to drop off anyone with difficulty walking or climbing hills right at the venue entrance and they will do best seated in the first few rows of reserved seating. We do have 2 accessible seats designated for each show, but any chair in the first two rows could be replaced by a wheelchair if needed. Please reserve a seat in the first two rows of the left section, and contact Beth if you will be attending in a wheelchair.

Please keep in mind: we have no control over the weather, so the ground could be muddy or soft. Please plan accordingly as best you can, and please be patient with us as we navigate this venue for the first time ourselves!